About us

Everything. LLC is a platform that pushes everyone to pursue their “Everything” - That thing regardless of time, money and resources, one will find the time, money and resources to do. We aim to do this by bridging the gap between the creative and the entrepreneur. We have embedded a show by example approach to pursuing our “Everything” of establishing this platform and aim to continue to inspire as we grow. By strategically leveraging multiple avenues of culture (fashion, film and production and technology), we look to share stories, experiences and the development of entrepreneurs and businesses to allow insight for others to take inspiration from and follow suit.

We are building a 3 dimensional company with verticals in technology, film and production and fashion. Leveraging these mediums to share stories in unique and innovative ways. The technology vertical specifically is shaped by an Augmented Reality platform which will allow for creatives and entrepreneurs to engage with their audiences in an interactive way from the comfort of their homes. They will be able to create catered content for their audiences, forever changing engagement, product promotion and storytelling.

Meet The Team

As the founder of Everything. LLC I had gained experience in all 3 of our targeted verticals in my 7 years of running the company alone. However I knew I would need to bring experienced professionals onboard to reach new levels of quality and continued growth. I looked from within my circle as trust was a big factor for me and I was able to bring on friends who were experienced professionals. I brought on a Director of Technology, Creative Director and Director of Fashion. 


Our Director of Technology, Aman Abdulalim, has 8 years of personal and professional experience in computer science and engineering. He made history in San Jose State University’s well respected computer engineering program by being the first senior project to have the intellectual property released to its students. In his free time Aman enjoys working on projects ranging from cloud software to machine learning applications. On top of all of this Aman works full time at a startup and strives to continue learning and expanding his experience.

Our Creative Director, Israel Alemu, has 5 plus years of experience in film and photography. He created a unique style of filmmaking which he coined as Hypersnap which takes photo images and puts them in video form. He has been able to leverage this for music videos, short story projects and promotional videos for the likes of Reebok and other companies and organizations. Israel has also done notable personal projects that have been featured in galleries in the Bay Area. One of them being a personal project called Inspire where he was able to publish a book with a collection of stories from creatives, highlighting their passions and what inspires them. 

Our Director of Fashion, Merwan Jemal has 4 years of experience creating and designing clothing. He has built his following on social media taking a creative step by step approach to DIY fashion. Merwan has traveled across numerous countries and has built his fashion pallet to incorporate multiple cultures and increased his ability to pick up on trends ahead of everyone else. He is also a full time artist stylist at Blenda Studios in the Bay Area and styles for both standard and international artists given the studio works with a number of international artists. 

The individuals on our team have all worked on projects in the other verticals in the past and this has allowed for us to cross functionally at high levels. We have seen the direct impact of forming this team over the past year as we have released the biggest projects of our company’s history and quality has drastically increased. We have implemented a structure that has allowed us to work effectively and collaborate with high levels of communication given we all still work full time jobs. The combination of our individual expertise, our strong sense of professionalism and our unique level of camaraderie makes us well suited to build this company.

Our Why

There are many clothing companies creating amazing clothing. Film and production companies constructing cinematic wonders. And tech companies working with Augmented Reality. However, we have yet to come across a company or platform combining the three that looks to innovate the future of content sharing, storytelling and advertising all on one platform. We look to inspire and motivate people to pursue their passions.

What is your Everything.